Flaherty Builders Website Design and Planning

Around mid 2015 the Flaherty Builders website was in need of a complete redesign. They wanted to rethink the design, structure and organization of their old website to bring it up to modern standards. I went with a few coworkers to meet the owners and pitch our vision for the project, which included reworking their branding and print materials as well. I gathered ideas from that initial discussion and created the design proof below.

We won the bid for the project and had a couple more meetings with the client before web development began in earnest. I worked closely with the designer who would be developing this site to tweak my original design into what is live today. I also devised a new link structure with the client, created some interior page mockups and helped see the project through to completion.

The live website was developed by Melissa Hendry in WordPress.
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Flaherty Builders website design